Karim Whiskers


Formaly of the Barbarians
Date of Birth
February 24, 2006
Mozart and JD
Ju Drop, Miss Lilly the Pink and Wollow
Known For
Third dominant male of the Barbarians
Also Known As
Captain Karim

Whiskers[edit | edit source]

Karim(VWM108) was born in the Whiskers on February 24, 2006. His mother was Mozart and his father was JD of the Lazuli. His littermates were Wollow(VWM105), Miss Lilly The Pink(VWF106) and Ju Drop(VWF107). Morazt was evicted with her sisters and neice and formed the Starsky Mob with Karim's father JD. However she lost dominance to Kinkaju. She later was evcietd and formed the Leprechaun Mob with two Commandos males. Karim and his siblings made it to adulthood. His litter was a succeful one. When Karim went roving with his uncles and they joined another group. That group was the Whiskers dreaded rivals the Commandos.

Commandos[edit | edit source]

His uncle Zarathustra took dominance beside Zorilla the dominant female. Zarathusra evciedt his younger brother Miles. the other Whiskers males laid low so not to sare his faith but Miles was able to rejoin the group once he sumitted to Zarathustra. He stayed in the Commandos for a few months then he left to rove with Baker and Miles. When they returned they ran inot three evicted females. They stayed with the three evicted Commandos females to for the Barbarians.

Barbarians[edit | edit source]

Beatrice won female dominance over the other females. Baker and Miles fought long and hard. Karim stayed out of it being the youngest fo the males. Baker finally won dominance over Miles and ebcame the first dominant male of the Barbarians. He only fathered two litters then he was over thrown by Miles who became the second dominant male. Baker was predated on a wild cat on May 27, 2009 leaving Miles un challenge. Karim never tried to take dominance from Miles. However luck shined on Karim. Miles only fathered on litter then he was predated by a hawk on September 29, 2009 leaving Karim the last unrelated Whisker male. Karim took up male dominance for the first time in his life. He fatherd beatice's next litter. Beatrice gave birth to Kyle, Kenny, Wendy, Stan and Ericon January 25, 2010. He sadly died a few months after Beatrice.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Mozart

Karim the dominant male

Father: JD

Brother: Wollow

Sisters: Ju Drop and Miss Lilly the Pink

Mate: Beatrice

Children[edit | edit source]

First litter born on January 25, 2010 mothered by Beatrice

Kyle (VBRM014) Still Alive

Kenny (VBRM015) Still Alive

Wendy (VBRM016) Still Alive

Stan (VBRM017) Still Alive

Eric (VBRM018) Still Alive

Second litter born in May 2010 mothered by Beatrice

VBRP023 Still Alive

VBRP024 Still Alive

VBRP025 Still Alive

VBRP026 Still Alive

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