Kanga(VSKF009) was born in the Starsky on July 12, 2007. Her mother was Kinkaju and her father was JD. Her litter-mates were her sister Roo(VSKF011) and brothers BJ(VSKM008) and DJ(VSKM010). They were Kinkaju's third litter ever. They all survived to adutlhood. Kanga stayed in the Starsky for six months than the group split. Te spinter group took place in January 2008 and consisted of Fox, Coyote, Hyena, Wild Dog, DJ, Raccoon Dog, Kanga, JC and DW. The splinter group didn't rejoin the Starsky and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Hyena led by Kanga's older sister Hyena. Most of the males rejoined the Starsky. For a while the group was led by Hyena and Widl Dog. Then a group of Pound Puppies joined the group. Ex-dominant male Zodus became the new Dominant male of the Hyenas. Hyena started to produce litters and evicted her sisters often. In March 2009 Fox, Jackel, Kanga and DW were evicted and formed a new group with soem more Pound Puppies males.


The new group was called the Druids. Hyena's litter-mate sister Fox took the position of dominant femlae with Duke as dominant male. Fox produced all the litters and often evicted Jackal and Kanga. Fox was pregnant again in June 2010 so she evicted Jackal, Kanga and DW from the group. The females soon came across the rovers and formed a new group.


The females formed the Celtics Mob with four Gladiator males. Jackal and Antonio took over as the dominant pair. In August 2010 Kanaga was seen mating with Squeak a roving male. Jacakal gave birth to Donato, Francesca, Adriana and Renato on September 13, 2010. She was predated on September 30, 2010 by a hawk. Kangan was the oldest female so she took over as the new dominant female. She gave birth on October 11, 2010 to three females named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercupt. A few days later Bubbles was stole by a Xerxes male named Khasar. He took her back to the Xerxes. Her two remaining pups are still alive today. Kanga is still the dominant female today.

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