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Kala Hycroc was born in the Hycroc mob in June of 2000. When she was two years old, Kala and her younger sister Naysyth, were evicted by thier mother Beet, the dominate female of Hycroc. The two females joined a roving male named Jag and they formed the Novembers mob. Kala was older than Naysyth but her younger sister wanted to attain the dominate position more and beat her out of the position. Jag, being the only male, easily established male dominance and mated with both females. Naysyth produced her first litter consisting of Deeshe, Minkska, Fruit Loop and Gregor. Fruit Loop and Gregor were both killed in a burrow raid but the other two survived. Kala aborted her litter. Both sisters concieved again. However, Kala again aborted while Naysyth gave birth to Naomi, Frida, Chazpen, Chibato and Hicrok. Only Naomi and Frida survivied. Then, in December 2001, Kala gave birth to her first surviving litter. There were three pups named Sala, Dheliliah and Maybelline. All three pups survived. Shortly after thier birth, Kala was killed by a predator. The Novembers died off and her and Naysyth's daughters formed the Flying Cats, where Maybelline and Sala both were domiante animals. Her daughters Dheliliah and Maybelline, with other ex-Flying Cat females, formed the Rebels, where Maybelline is still the dominate female.