Juno Whiskers


Yes of the Warthog
Date of Birth
January 25, 2008
Amira and Homestar Runner
VWHP044, VWHP045 and VWHP046
Known For
Dominant Male of the Warthog


Juno(VWM125) was born on January 25, 2008 in the Whiskers. Juno's mother was Amira and his father was Homestar Runner. Juno was a single pup, he had no siblings but he was able to paly with his older cousins Nugget and Beaker. They were the pups of the dominant female Rocket Dog. Before he was born, Rocket Dog had evicted most of the females to protect her unborn pups but she didn't evicted Amira. She aborted her litter and Amira gave birth to Juno. Amira was a first time mother. Rocket Dog helped her care for Juno. Rocket Dog had evicted Ella and Wily Kat before Juno was born. They were allowed to rejoin the group a few weeks later. Ella then gave birth to 3 pups. A female named Oriole and two males named Marico and Sabota. A snake moved into the birth burrow and Rocket Dog ordered a den move. She got bitten by the snake while the pups were being evacuated. In the chaos Juno got accidentally left behind, but his mother Amira came back to him and saved him from a circling hawk. All the pups survived and Juno, Nugget and Beaker got new play mates. Shorlty after in April 2008, Rocket Dog died and Ella became the new dominant female. His mother was injured on May 6, 2008 by the same snake that bit dominant male Machu Pichu, but she farred better then him. She recovered. Soon after five adult males left the group and joined the Lazuli kicking out all adult males. Thundercat, one of the males kicked out of the Lazuli, joined the small group in June 2008. Juno roved occasionaly at the Kung Fu in 2009. Juno was seen roving along with Nugget, Sabota, Marico, and Savuka. Then males soon joined four evicted Commandos females.


They formed a new group called the Troopers Mob. Nugget was the oldest of the Whiskers males soo he took male dominance. Yara and Sera were the same age but Yara was much bigger so she won dominance over her sisters. Yara and Nugget started to produce pups though she allowed her sisters' litter to live. Juno stayed in the group as the oldest subordinate male and help with babysittig, sentry and seeing off rovers. Juno roved a lot with Marico, Sabota and Savuka. He stayed in the Troopers for around two years before leaving.


Juno came across another group known as the Warthog Mob. All the adult males had left the group leaving only two sub-adult males making it easy for Juno to join the group. The dominant female as Abby. Soon Juno fathered a litter born in July 2012 with Abby. The pups were VWHP044, VWHP045 and VWHP046. Juno is still the dominant male of the Warthog today.


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