Julie Bakugan

Julie Bakugan

Formerly of the Thermopylae
Date of Birth
August 28, 2004
Myleen and Hazel
Daisy, Alice and Maquerade
VTPF013, VTF014, VTPF015, VTPM016, VTPM017, VTPF018, VTPF019 and VTPm020
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Thermopylae


Julie(VBKF006) was born on August 28, 1004 in the Bakugan Mob. Her mother was Mylene and her father was Hazel. She was born in the second litter ever in the Bakugan. Her litter-mates were her one brother Masquerade(VBKM005) and two sisters Alice(VBKF007) and Daisy(VBKF008). The group was very small but some how all four pups survived. Hazel was overthrown by his brother Thumper, sadly both died. Mylene died by a snake bite and Mira became the new dominant female. A wild male named Ace joined the small group and became the dominant male. By then Julie was old enough to help out with babysitting. Being one of the oldest females in the group, Julie started to be evicted by Mira. Julie managed to stay in the group till August 2007 when she was evicted along with her sisters and cousin.


The four females met up with three rovers and started the Thermopylae Mob. Julie competed for dominance but ultimately lost to her older sister Runo. One of the male Padloper became the dominant male. For a year Julie conitued the subordinate role of babysitting. Julie had no surviving litters. She was evicted by her sister in late 2008 along with Daisy and Chan Lee, however when she rejoined the group. She overthrew her sister Runo. Julie became the dominant female along with Padloper as her mate. On Janaury 27, 2009 she gave birth to VTPF013, VTPF014, VTPF015, VTPM016 and VTPM017. Julie gave birth to VTPF018, VTPF019 and VTPM020 on May 27, 2009. Runo and Daisy died by then and Chan Lee disappeared leaving Julie's dominance unchallanged. Things looked good for Julie as the long-term dominance female but life took a turn for the worse when Padloper died of disease on August 3, 2009 after he chased off an infected rover. Runo's son Artemis took dominance beside Julie. She aborted her last litter and no longe rhad a mate to breed with. Being Padloper's mate Julie soon became infected with disease and died on Decemeber 14, 2009. Runo's daughter Gorgo became the new dominant female.


Bakugan Mob

Thermopylae Mob

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