Jogu the dominant male

(VWM081) was born on October 10, 2004 in the Whiskers Mob. He was the son of Baddiel and JD. His litter-mates were his two brothers Maladoy(VWM080) and VWM082. His brother VWM082 dissapeared as a pup. He was born around the same time Flower gave birth to Mitch, Hawkeye, Logan and Cruise. His aunt Mozart also gave birth to a litter of four pups. Only two survived and they were Tina Sparkle and Spud. Yossarian made a burrow move which killed Mozart's daughter VWF077. She got left behind and was fogotten. The other pups survived however. Jogu and his brother once babysat Flower's pups but got bored and left to go foraging. They became better babysitters late ron age they got older. He babysat Flower's pups Busta, Izzy and Suggs alogn with Mitch and Tina Sparkle. The pups and babysitters were soon visited by evicted Tequila Jogu left Tina Sparkle and went to go find Tequila. It is unknwon if he mated with her. Later on when he was around three years old he roved at the Commandos and mated with Zorilla. She gave birth to two males Benno and Cody and two females Sera and Yara. Jogu later left the Whiskers to rove along with Flava Flav, Malodoy and Butch Cassidy. They joined two Frisky females and formed a new group.


They formed the Knights. Frisky female Rave On took female dominance along with Flava Flav. Malodoy was Flava Flav's biggest rival and once he over threw Flava Flav but lost soon after and was evicted and died. Jogu stayed out of the dominance fight. A year after the Knights were formed the group split and Jogu and Chorey the other Frisky female left and formed a new group.


They formed the Narnia Mob were Jogu became the dominant male. On February 28, 20 10 Chorely gave birth toPeter,Susab, Edmund and Lucy. They were the first litter born in the Narnia. On June 3, 2010 Chorely gave birth to Asland, Jadis and Mr. Tumnus. Jogu is still the dominant male today.

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