The Java was a wild group of 5 animals that appeared in 2007 in the region South of Big Dune, probably bordering Commandos and Hoax. Java's habituation was suspended, in order to focus habituation resources on larger wild groups, or groups containing habituated members. The group was picked up again with one of the females pregnant. 

Dominant PairEdit

For the first few months the dominant couple remained unknown until 

Current MembersEdit

All Known MembersEdit

A list of meerkats born or joined the Java.











2007: Group was discovered but suppended. 

January 2008: Group was relocated and one of the females was pregnant. 

Febuary 2008: One female gave birth to VJAF006, VJAF007 and VJAM008

March 2008: Unknown dominant pair, evictions and roving. 

April 2008: One female was pregnant and one female was evicted. 

May 2008: One female gave birth to VJAF009, VJAM010, VAJF011 and VJAM012. 

June 2008: VJAM001 was discovered to be the dominant male. 

July 2008: Two encounters with a wild mob. 

August 2008: One female was pregnant and one aborted. Two males went roving. One of the males was absent. 

September 2008: One female lost her litter and was evicted. VJAF002 was discovered to be the dominant female and she was pregnant. 

Octobere 2008: VJAF002 gave birth to VJAM013, VAF014 and VJAF015. 

November 2008: VJAM004 and VJAM005 went roving. 

December 2008: 

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