Java Embers



Java(VEMM009) was First Seen on June 2, 2009 in a wild group that was named the Embers Mob. For a while he lived as a subordnate male. The dominant male was Santa and the dominant female was Sam. She gave birth to Danny, Maddie and VEMF011 on August 16, 2009. Sam soon lost her position to Diana after her pups were born. Sam died a few months later. Santa and Diana became the new dominant pair for a year then Diana got a disease from a roving male. Diana lost dominance to Sam's daughter Maddie and soon died. Santa died two months later so Java, being the oldest male in the group took dominance in October 2010. Java held the position for one month then in November 2010 a rover named Johnny joined the group and deposed him. In December Java left the Embers for good to join another group


Java joined the Cobras.This group was in need of an unrelated dominant male.Dominant female Lilia was without a mate at first and her uncle Indiana Jones had taken dominance beside her.Java manged to chase the eye of Lilia.She left to mate with him.When she returned she brought him back with her.Java challagned Indiana Jones for dominance. He took dominance from Indiana Jones and became the dominant male of the Cobras.Java is still the dominant male of the Cobras today.


Embers Mob

Cobras Mob

Lilia Cobras


Mother: Unknown Wild Female

Father: Unknown Wild Male

Litter-Mates: Unknown

Mate: Lilia

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