Jack Pikmin

Jack Pikmin

Yes of the Mongoose
Date of Birth
First Seen: November 12, 2008
VMGP001, VMGP002 and VMGP003
Known For
First dominant male of the Mongoose


Jack(VPKM002) was first seen as a juvenile in the Pikmin Mob on November 12, 2008. He was belived to have had one litter-mate sister named Sally(VPKF003) who was around the same age. He was around nine months old and had very faith dye marks on his shoulder. He was used to humans and was believe to have come from a semi habictuated mob that was lost or no longer followed. His origins was never discovered. Sally was also used to the reseachers. The two had joined one wild male, one evicted Elveera female and two Whisker rovers to form the Pikmin. The only adult female Beebop became the dominant female along with Whisker male Machu Pichu. They started to bring up the Pikmin nubmbers however the wild male soon left the group. Jack reach adultoohd and started babysitting, keep sentry and started roving with the other Whisker male Rhogan Josh. Jack stayed in the Pikmin for two years then he left the group with Rhogan Josh, Captain Olimar and S.S. Dolphin in March 2010.


The four rovers joined three evicted Moomins females and formed the Samurai Mob. Rhogan Josh was older by a year than Jack so he became the dominant male with Bubble Toes. Jack continued to babysit her pups, kept roving at other groups and keep guard duty. Jack stayed in the Samurai for a little less than a year before he started roving again. He left with Captain Olimar and S.S. Dolphin and joined three more evicted Moomins females.


The males stayed with the females and started the Mongoose Mob. Jack was the oldest male this time so he became the dominant male and was collared. Leesile and Whyn were the same age with Anomane a few months behind. Whyn finally became the dominant female after she ousted Leesile. Whyn gave birth to three pups on February 12, 2011. Jack is still the dominant male today.


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