The Isaxx was formed in July 2003 by 3 Moomins males and 4 wild females.


  • July 2003: 3 Moomins males(Caravaggio,Grosse and McGroker) team up with 4 wild females to start a group named Isaxx.
  • August 2003: The males start to compete for dominance. VIXF001 established dominant female. Caravaggio took dominant male.
  • September 2003: 2 encounters with Lazuli. VIXF003 is pregnant.
  • October 2003: VIXF003 loses her litter.
  • November 2003: VIXF001 is pregnant. 1 encounter with Frisky
  • December 2003: VIXF001 gives birth to 4 pups Outjimau(VIXM005),Halali(VIXF006),Kinijento(VIXF007) and Limauli(VIXM008).
  • January 2004: the 4 wild females remained unamed. McGrocker leaves the group to go roving.
  • February 2004: Limauli was predated. VIXF001 and VIXF003 are pregnant.
  • March 2004: VIXF003 aborts. VIXF001 gives birth to 3 pups Slammy B(VIXM009),Caul(VIXM010) and VIXP011. VIXP011 died.
  • April 2004: Caravaggio and Grosse start to take to roving and leave the group. McGrocker was last seen since his departure in January.
  • May 2004: VIXF003 is predated. Caravaggio and Grosse are seen in the group. The group number 9 meerkats.
  • June 2004: Caravaggio keeps leaving the group. Grosse may establish male dominance.
  • July 2004: Grosse is dominant male. But Caravaggio returns to the group after seen roving at Frisky
  • July 2004: Caravaggio instantly takes dominance away from his younger brother and takes back dominant male.