Irizima Iguana

Irizima Iguana

Yes of the Vipers
Date of Birth
Janaury 21, 2010
Petra and Flash
Jaron and Lavern
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Vipers


Irizima(VIGF011) was born in Janaury 21, 2010 in the Iguana Mob. Her mother was Petra and her father was Flash, the new dominant couple. Irizima was born with just one litter-mate brother Kingstie(VIGM010). Both pups survived to adulthood despite the fact that the Iguana was a small mob. Irizima started helping out around the mob by babysitting and keeping sentry while her brother started to rove. Irizima never became pregnant Iguana however her mother evicted her a few times because she was one of the oldest females. After Petra died and Mamba became the new dominant female. She soon evicted Irizima along with her two older half sister Lizzy and Skinks. Irizima was pregnant at the time after mating with Fandango male named Jaron. The three females were seen with five Warthog rovers in August 2011.


The new group was called the Vipers. Irizima was still pregnant when the group formed and on August 16, 2012 Irizima gave birth to Mystery and Mystic. Being the younges of the females had just gave birth, Irizima was no competition for her older sister Lizzy who became the dominant female. Both of Irizima's pups survived three first three months. Lizzy soon became pregnant and evicted Irizma and Skinks, she allowed both females back into the group after she gave birth. Irizima was pregnant againt in September 2013 but lost her litter to pregnant Lizzy in October. After Lizzy was predated in May 2013, Skinks had rejoined the group before Irizima and established dominance. Irizima rejoined the group a few days later after all the other evicted females had rejoined. Skinks became pregnant and evicted Irizima. After Skinks gave birth to  in September Irizima was once again the last evicted female to rejoin the group and this time she challanged Skinks for dominance. Irizima managed to overthrown Skinks who was weak from giving birth and became the next dominant female.  Irizima is still alove as the dominant female of the Vipers today.


Iguana Mob

Vipers Mob

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