Indus Rascals


was born in a wild mob. His mother was either the dominant female or s subordinate female and his father was either the dominant male or a roving male. How many litter-mates he had remains unknown. Indus survived to adulthood and started roving. In late 2008 he left the group for good along with an older male named Grus.


Indus and Grus were First Seen in December 2008 roving at the small Rascals group. the two males found it easy to join the small mob because all the adult males had left. Blondie was the dominant female at the time and recently gave birth to a litter of five pups. Grus became the dominant male. Indus helped out by babysitting and takings entry duties. He started to rove again since he could not mate with any of the females. Indus stayed in the Rascals for a year then left the mob for good along with two young males named Saignee and Fritz.


Indus, Saignee and Fritz discovered Six evicted females from the Gattaca. The trio of males joined the females and together the Solar Mob came into existence. While Olly took the position of Dominant female Indus took the position as Dominant Male. He is still in the Solar mob as their Dominant Male.


Rascals Mob

Solar Mob