Hugo Gattaca

Hugo and Kookie.jpg

Yes of the Pound Puppies
Date of Birth
July 4, 2005
Grigio and Douglas
Olly, Amelie and Flint
Known For
New dominant male of the Pound Puppies

Gattaca[edit | edit source]

Hugo(VGGM025) was born in the Gattaca on July 4, 2005. His mother was Gringo and his father was a Young Ones male named Douglas. His litter-mates were his sisters Olly(VGGF024) and Amelie(VGGF027) and his brother Flint(VGGM026). His mother was not the dominant female but that was his grandmother Risca and his grandfather Izit was dominant male. Hugo grew into an adult meerkat and acted as a babysitter for his grandmother's pups. He may have taken to roving with other Gattaca males. He was one of the few memberd still in the group when Risca and Izit died. A group of Whiskers males joined the group. Huog remained int he Gattaca for sometime longer then he left to rove with Pookie, Atlas, Balboa, Jimi Hendrix and Frankie. The males came across a group with no dominant male so they easily joined.

Pound Puppies[edit | edit source]

The other group was the Pound Puppies. The dominant female was Dizzy. At first Pookie assumed male dominance but Hugo soon over threw him. Dizzy gave birth to his pups on July 26, 2009. The pups were Sparky, Kookie, Sophie and Lyric.A few days later Pookie was babysitting and he made a burrow move. The Hugo and Dizzy cought him and Hugo attacked Pookie. In the confusion, Pookie ran away with Sophie but he dropped her and left her behind. Balboa and Atlas went to go get her, taking Youssy with them. They males neverlocated her, but she got picked up by some rovers who formed the Xerxes. In September Dizzy was pregnant again. In November 2009 the group splintered but all the meerkats rejoined in December. However some of the males left the group. In August 2010 there was another group split, Pookie the only unrelated male left in th splinter however the splinter soon rejoined. Pookie finally left the group leaving Hugo's dominance unchallanged. Hugo fathered the rest of Dizzy's litters. Sadly Dizzy died in February 2011, leaving Lady Day, Hugo's daughter, as the new dominant female. Hugo could not mate with his daughter but he could help her lead the group. Hugo started to take to roving with his sons. He remained the dominant till September 6, 2011 when Hugo died at the age of 6. His son Sparky became the next dominant male after him.

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