Honey Baobab


Yes of the Hollyhock
Date of birth
April 13, 2008
Hawkeye and Al Pacino
Moby and Procleian
VHHP001, VHHP002, VHHP003 and VHHP004
Known For
Hollyhock dominant female


Honey(VBBF014) was born in the Baobab group. Her mother was Hawkeye and her father was Al Pacino. Her litter-amets were Moby (VBBM013) and Porcelain (VBBF015). They were born a few days after Cruise litter Jason Bourne, Scorion King and She-Ra. They survived survived her first year in the Baobab to an adult. The Baobab Mob number over 30 animals. Hawkey lost dominance to Cruise while Al Pacino lost dominance to Al Capone. Hawkeye got domincne back. In December of 2009 a few Baobab members split. Honey was one of them.


They Baobab slpint aqnd formed the Urukhai Mob but Honey didn't stay in this mob for long. She wasn't able to gain dominance since Cruise had taken it. She was evicted by Cruise with She-Ra, Njovu, Kaya Mawa and Pop. She-Ra and Honey were the biggest females and fought for dominance but She-Ra won. Honey soon left the group and rejoined the Baobab.


She didn't stay in this mob for long and split with female Herpasaurus, Shenanigan, Akiko and Spatula with males Lankey Dave and Buck. The a group of Moomins males joined the small group. Theyw ere once in the Gangster as well. Beezelle won male dominance beside Honey. Without She-Ra Honey was able to take dominance in this group. In June she gave birth to four pups. Honey and Beezelle are still the dominant pair today.

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