Holly Young Ones

640px-Holly Young Ones

Formerly of the Whiskers
Date of Birth
December 9, 1996
Morgause and Keros
Brambles and Hickery
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Whiskers

Young OnesEdit

Holly(VYF008) was born in the Young Ones mob on the December 9, 1996. Her mother Morgause and her father was Keros. She was born in a litter of three pups. Her litter-mates were Brambles(VYYF009) and Hickery(VYYM010). Holly and her siblings survived to adulthood. Her Morgause was dominant female of the Young Ones. Morgause started to evict females from the group. First she evicted Holly's aunt and cousins. This made Holly and Brambles the oldest females in the group. Holly was the first to be evicted from the Young Ones. Her sister Brambles was the next female to be evicted by Morgause. Holly's younger sister Piglet and Anderile was the next to be evicted. The four females stayed together trailing the Young Ones. Soon a young male barely a year old joined them. His named was Beetle. Then two Lazuli males joined the small group. They were now consister to be a new group.


The males were Argon and Delpheus. The group was called the Whiskers. The Whiskers established a territory. The posaition of dominant male was taken by Argon. Holly established female dominance. Brambles was the first to give birth to a litter of four pups, Rafiki, Mufassa, VWHM003 and Risca. Holly was the next to give birth. She gave birth to a litter, but Piglet killed her litter. Piglet then gave birth to her litter. All the pups survived. After a couple of months, Holly gave birth to her first surviving litter in the Whiskers, Vialli, Dennis Wise, Zola and VWF013. All her pups survived. During August, VWF013 disappeared. During September 1999 Holly evicts Brambles, Piglet, Anderile and her nieces Risca, Mufassa, and Rafiki all females but Risca disappeared, they most likely teamed up with wild males. On October 3, 1999 Holly gave birth to four pups Athos, Aramis, VWF017, and Porthos. On December 21, 1999 she gave birth to Wahine, Tama, Rangi, Orgali. On the March 15, 2000, Holly gave birth to Thumper, Hazel, Petal and Flower. Holly gave birth to one more litter. She sadly was predated. Risca assumed dominace but she was over thrown by Vialli. A group of Vivians joined. Vialli evicted many females and gave birth to one litter. She sadly died and Flower became the new dominant female. She rigned for five years before she died.

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