Gus(VVXM009) was born on Janaury 2, 2003 in the Vexos. His mother was Merle and his father was a rover named Sonic. He was born with one brother named Lync(VVXM010) and one sister VVXF011. They were the thrid litter born in the Vexos. His mother was not the dominant female but his aunt Millerna. She could have killed Gus and his siblings but she allowed them to live. In April however she gave birth to a new litter so she evicted Merle from the group. Merle was evicted and disappeared. VVXF011 was sadly predated leaving one Gus and his brother Lync. Millerna died and Mylene who took over as dominant female with Hydron who took over as dominant male. Zenoheld and his father Professor Clay left and joined the Minions. In December 2003 five Pegasus females Naga, Siren, Sileni and Gnome joined the group kicked Mylene and Mira out. Volt overthrew Hydron and became the dominant male. Gus' brother Lync left the group with Hydron and Shadow and formed the Kalabari with Xerus females. Gus was the last of his litter to remain in the Vexos. He roved often with Spectra. In April 2007, Gus, Spectra and Dryiod left the Vexos for good.


The met up with a Sagittarius female and formed the Umbra Mob. Spectra became the dominant male along with Crystal. Gus is still in the Umbra mob today.


Mother: Merla

Father: Sonic

Sister: VVX011

Brother: Lync


Vexos Mob

Umbra Mob

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