Young OnesEdit

Grog Young Ones


Grog(VYM091) was born in the Young Ones. His mother was Morgause and his father was Keros. He survived to adulthood and started to rove with his brothers. One day he left withAragorn and other Young Ones males. The group met up with some evicted Gattaca females. The group stayed together and formed a new group called the Commandos.


Aragorn was the oldest male and establish dominance in the new group. Zorilla won dominance over her sister. The two started to bring the Commandos numbers up. Grog kept roving at other groups. He roved at the Lazuli and tried to mate with dominant female Cazanna but but he was chased away but the males. He might have mated with other females from other groups. He left ther Commandos and joined Dougal.


They joined some evicted Elves females and formed the Voodoo Mob.

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