Grigio(VRRM120) was born on September 31, 2008 in the Rascals mob. His mother was Blondie and his father was a wild male named Hoki. Grigio was born along with his two sisters named Sancerre(VRRF116) and Rioja(VRRF118) and two brothers Saignee(VRRM117) and Fritz(VRRM119). They survived even though the group was low in numbers. Islay, Grigio's aunt, gave birth to six pups but only one survived named Tigi. The group didn't have many litters that year. Sadly Hoki was predated and all the wild males and Grigio's aunt Tooey disappeared leaving just two adult females, one juvinel and five pups. Two wild males joined the group shortly after Grigio was born, Grus became the dominant male. Blondie gave birth to another litter of five pups and Tooey gave birth to three the next year. By then Grigio was a year old and started to babysit. His brothers Saignee and Fritz left the group to rove with the other wild male named Indus. TheThey formed the Isikaras Mob. By now only Grigo and his cousin Tigi were the oldest males in the group under Grus. Bloodie died and Islay became the dominant female but died a month later. Sancerre became the new dominant female of the Rascals. Tigi left the group to form the short short-lived Colombians Mob, leaving Grigio as the oldest male in the Rascals however he did not remain for long. He left the Rascals for good in August 2010 and met up with his cousin Tigi and two young males from the Colombians.


The four males went roving and soon came acorss five evicted KunGg Fu females. The males met up with the females and stayed together to formed the Ewoks. The oldest of the females named McDreamy established dominance. Tigi and Grigio competed for dominance however in the end Tigi won. In September Tigi became the dominant male so Grigio took to roving. He did not return to the Ewoks but instead came across a dying group in much need of an unrelated dominant male.

Van HelsingEdit

The new group was the Van Helsing Mob. The new dominant female was Adhuil. Grigio easily joined the group and became the dominant male. Grigio was just what they Van Helsing need. Adhuil started to produce litters and slowly the group began to regain their numbers.Grigio is still the dominant male of the Van Helsing today.


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Van Helsing Mob

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