The Grey Kats was founded by grey meerkats three females who teamed up with three Kool Kat rovers. The females were relased in the Meerkat Reserch Project in late 2010. The small group soon establisted dominance and a small territory.

Dominant PairEdit

The first to establist dominance was Big Mac. After a month of competing Cindy rose as the dominant female.

Current MembersEdit

Big Mac Kool Kats

Big Mac as the dominant male

The Grey Kats have 14 members as of March 2011.

Cindy (VGKF001) Dominant Female

Big Mac (VKKM006) Dominant Male

Lindy (VGKF002)

Jeckyl (VKKM0100)

Mindy (VGKF003)

Super Cat (VKKM013)

Nick (VGKM004)

Marta (VGKF005)

Libby (VGKF006)

Smoke (VGKM007)

Jason (VGKM008)

Panther (VGKF009)

Wild Fire (VGKM0100

Sam (VGKM012)

All Known MembersEdit

Cindy (VGKF001)
Mindy, Lindy and Cindy

Mindy, Lindy and Cindy

Big Mac (VKKM006)

Lindy (VGKF002)

Jeckyl (VKKM0100)

Mindy (VGKF003)

Super Cat (VKKM013)











The Grey Kat's main rivals are the Tigers Mob, whom formed on Grey Kat territory. Their other rivals are the Dragons Mob and Lions Mob.


August 2010: Three grey meerkats females Cindy, Mindy, Lindy were release

September 2010: Big Mac, Jeckyl and Super Cat joined the females . Big Mac became the dominant male

October 2010: Cindy became the dominant female. Cindy, Mindy and Lindy were pregant.

November 2010: Lindy lost her litter to Mindy, but her litter was killed by the Ardvark. Cindy gave birth to VGKM004, VGKF005, VGKF006 and VGKM007.

December 2010: Lindy was pregnant. Two encounters with Tigers.

Janaury 2011: Lindy gave birth to VGKM008, VGKF009, VGKM010. Mindy was pregnant.

February 2011: Mindy gave birth to VGKF011 and VGKM012. One encounter with Dragons.

March 2011: VGKF011 was killed by the Ardvark. Cindy was pregnant. Mindy and Lindy are evicted

April 2011: Lindy maybe pregnent Cindy gave birth to four pups

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