Greegan Toyota


First Seen
September 2007
Death Date
N/A still alive
Death Cause
N/A still alive
Known for
Dominant male of Toyota

Greegan was first seen in September 2007 as a wild meerkat along with two other wild males, Van Der Wethuzine and Bracken. After roving at other groups they teamed up with three evicted Whiskers females, Finn, Miss Lily The Pink and Ju Drop. The group of six stayed together and formed a new group, Toyota Mob. Finn was the oldest of three females and took female dominance. Greegan took male dominance over the other two males. Greegan and Finn were observed to be dominant by the end of the week. In October Finn and Ju Drop were seen pregnant. Ju Drop aborted in November. Finn gave birth to four pups, Morgs,Trimple,Crisp,Ross. In Late November the Toyota group encountered Whiskers. By December Miss Lily The Pink and Ju Drop were pregnant and gave birth to a mixed litter of six pups,Stop It,Clean Up,Jump Up,Stamp Too,Tidy Up, in January 2008. In February one of the pups, Jump Up was sadly predated. By March Finn was pregnant. After a few weeks the group had an encounter with Frisky. In April Finn gave birth to four pups, Mice,Lickerstick,Stamp,VTYP016. VTYP016 was predated in May. By July Bracken left the group. He rejoined the group again within a few days. Within the same week Ju Drop aborted a litter. By November Finn lost dominance to Ju Drop. Ju Drop was dominant female by the end of the week. Finn was evicted and was joined by Van Der wethuzine, who left the group. The two formed a new group. In January 2009 Ju Drop gave birth to four pups, Clover,Pit Pot,Taranicle,Blister. Ju Drop then disappeared in February. Miss Lily The Pink took over as dominant female. By April Miss Lily The Pink gave birth to four pups, Superman,Langman,Paymaster,Kripple Jan. By early May the group encountered Van Helsing. In June both Miss Lily The Pink and Morgs as well as Stop It were pregnant. Morgs aborted. Stop It lost her litter to Miss Lily The Pink who gave birth to four pups, Captain Hook,Pirate Hake,Quizer,VTYF031. By August Stop It was pregnant and aborted in early September. Miss Lily The Pink aborted. In January 2010, Stamp Too disappeared from the group. Miss Lily The Pink was pregnant. Bracken left the group and was last seen. In February Miss Lily The Pink gave birth to four pups, VTYP032,VTYP033,VTYP034,VTYP035. In mid February VTYP035 was predated. Then in March Miss Lily The Pink gave birth to four pups, VTYP036,VTYP037,VTYP038,VTYP039. The group is still being led by Greegan and Miss Lily The Pink.

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