The Dominant Female Granny in 2009

The Dominant Female Granny in 2009

Granny and McDonald cuddled together

Granny and McDonald cuddling

Granny Topaz (VTF005) was the first dominant female of the Ingalls Mob. She was born on March 31, 2002 in the Topaz Mob to Ruby and JR. She had two litter-mates May (VTF003) and April (VTF004). April was predated at five weeks but Granny and May survived to adulthood. Their father JR died before the end of their birth year. Granny and May usually stood in the background not really important to the mob as a whole. On December 24 of 2004, two roving males from an unknown mob mated with Granny and her younger sister Pam. They both fell pregnant. Unfortunately Ruby was pregnant at that time as well. She violently evicted both of the pregnant females, along with Granny's litter-mate May.

Granny in 2009

Granny in 2009

Bikini Bottom

Granny and Pam gave birth to a mix litter of six pups. Even though there were only three females, they were successfully able to raise the pups (half of them at least). Afterwards May fell pregnant to a rover and become the first dominant female of the Bikini Bottom Mob. Granny was a subordinate but she was still allowed to remain even after getting pregnant by rover's again. Her and May had a mix litter of eight pups, half of which survived. In early 2007, May evicted her sisters. Granny and Pam were thought to be dead, but they appeared once again a year later with four males with them.


Four males: Stuart, Andrew, Chaz, and Howie, from the Rugrats Mob found the two females and they formed the Ingalls Mob. Chaz became the dominant male and Granny became the dominant female. Pam died in 2009, and one year later Granny passed away too (on April 2). McDonald, Granny's oldest daughter in the mob became the next dominant female.


First Litter born on February 25, 2005, Mix Litter with Pam

Mentira (VBBM001), Siesta (VBBF001), Hierba (VBBM002), VBBF002, VBBM003, VBBF003

Second Litter born on September 30, 2005, Mix Litter with May

Salem (VBBM007), Nightmare (VBBF006), Blood Rush (VBBM008), Psycho (VBBF007), VBBM009, VBBF008, VBBM010, and VBBF009

Third Litter born on August 24, 2008, Fathered by Chaz

Cosmo (VIM001), McDonald (VIF001), and Elwood (VIM002)

Fourth Litter born on November 9, 2008, Fathered by Chaz

Hatch (VIM003) and Iris (VIF002)

Fifth Litter born on March 12, 2009, Fathered by Chaz

Marshmallow (VIM004), Meadow (VIF003), and Nico (VIM005)

Sixth Litter born May 28, 2009, Fathered by Chaz

Lotis (VIF004) and Onyx (VIM006)

Seventh Litter born August 20, 2009, Fathered by Chaz

Paisley (VIF005), Pepper (VIM007), and Pixie (VIF006)

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