Grace and Mickey

Grace with Mickey out foraging

Johnny 13Edit

Grace(VJHF009) was First Seen on October 9, 2010 in a wild group that was named the Johnny 13 Mob. She was only one of the six females in this group. Kitty had taken the dominant female position of the group, being the oldest female. The other females where Misty,Dani, Kat and Mary Pat. The males were Kenny and Johnny the dominant male. Two Embers males had joined the group, Danny and Peter. Kitty gave birth to her first litter of pups on October 22, 2010 to Bindi, Mickey, Lady Day and Kite. Being a subordinate female, she could not have pups of her own so Grace helped to babysit the pups. Sadly Kite was predated by a Hawk. In November Grace mated with a rover named Lance and was pregnant at the end of the month. On January 6,2011 Grace gave birth to her first litter of four pups.

Meerkat DiariesEdit

Grace played a meerkat Called Terri


First Litter born on January 6,2011 fathered by Lance

Lesile (VJHF014)

Kember (VJHM015)

Karla (VJHF016)

Gacy (VJHM017)


Johnny 13 Mob

Lance Cobras

Cape Mob

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