The Ghosts Mob was formed in 2003 by wild females Susan, Amy, Juile, and Raven and wild males Satan, God, Hookie, and Ghost.Susan won female dominace and Satan became the dominant male but he died six months later from TB.God being the 2nd oldest male in the group took male dominace of the group after him.Susan and God stayed the dominant pair for four years until Susan was killed by the Heatblast Mob in a group encounter.Her oldest daughter Taylor took dominace after her.God with three males left the group and joined the Heatblast Mob.A single rover PJ joined the group.

Dominant PairEdit

When the group first formed the dominant female became Susan.The dominant male was Satan but he died and male dominance was taken by God.After Susan died, her oldest

Members as of February 2011Edit

All Known MembersEdit

Ghost (VGHM001)

Susan (VGHF002)

God (VGHM003)

Hookie (VGHM004)

Juile (VGHF005)

Satan (VGHM006)

Amy (VGHF007)

Raven (VGHF008)

Taylor (VGHF009)

Tex (VGHM010)

Louise (VGHF011)

Croc (VGHM012)

Katy (VGHF013)

Lake (VGHF014)


Ed Gein (VGHM015)

Yang-Yo (VGHF016)

Richy (VGHM017)

Tammy (VGHF018)

David (VGHM019)


When the group first formed the Ghost's main rivals were the Heatblast Mob and the Robin Mob.But soon the group moved away to the east and now the Space Mob and Sells Mob are their new rivals.


March 2003: Ghosts was formed by Susan, Amy , Juile and Raven who teamed up with Ghost, Satan, God and Hookie.Susan and Satan became the dominant pair.

April 2003 One encounter with Heatblast.

May 2003: Susan was pregnant. She evicted Amy, Juile and Raven.

June 2003: Susan gave birth to Taylor, Tex, Louise and Croc

July 2003: Ghost, God and Hookie went roving. Two encounters with Heatblast

August 2003: Amy attacked Susan but lost.

September 2003: Susan was pregnant, she evicted Amy , Juile and Raven.

October 2003: Susan gave birth to Katy, Lake , VGHF015 and Ed Gein.

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