Gerald Durrell Aztecs

Gerald Durrell

Yes of the Mockingjays
Date of Birth
December 16, 2009
Monkulus and unknown rover
Cameron, Molly and Kathleen
Madeleine, Michelle, Battleaxe and Lucas
Known For
Dominant Male of the Mockingjays


Gerald Durrell(VAZM021) was born in the Aztecs on December 16, 2008. His mother was Monkulus and his father was most likely a rover from the Baobab. He was born ina l itter of four with one brother Cameron(VAZM019) and two sisters named Kathleen(VAZF018) and Molly(VAZF020). All four pups survived their first four weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Aztecs a good size group and were able to bring all found pups through. When Gerald Durrell was an adult male, he started to rove with his brothers. He also started to help out around the mob with babysitting and sentry duties. In  June 2011 his sisters were evicted, Kathleen returned but Molly left with two older sisters to form the Pandora Mob. Gerald Durrell stayed in the group a litter longer. His sister Kathleen became the dominant feamle after their mother but soon was predated and Zelda establidhed dominance. Cameron left the group and soon Gerald Durrell went roving as well. He left the Aztecs for good in March 2012 along with his younger brothers Navi, Rednose and Bachi. The four rovers came across a Kung Fu splinter group that had few members


The splinter group became known as the Mockingjays. Gerald Durrel was the oldest of the males so he easily established dominance and was fitted with a radio collar. One of the females named Slyder soon became the dominant female beside him. Soon the first pups were born fathered by Gerald Durrell. Slyder gave birth to Madeleine, Michelle, Battleaxe and Lucas on August 8, 2012. Gerald Durrell is still alive today as the dominant male of the Mockingjays.


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