Georgia Hunters was the youngest daughter of Pansy and Hooligan, the dominate couple of the Hunters. Her littermates were born on either November 3-7, 2000. Georgia was the runt of the litter, consisting of her older sisters Kimberly, Danielle and CSA. Her litter was attacked by the Ashantis when they were three weeks old but thanks to Helena, the pups survived the ordeal. Dominate female Pansy then issued a burrow move shortly after the attack. Georgia was under the supervision of her older sister Sylvia but was abandoned for something more interesting like playfighting. Sylvia left Georgia out in the brush of Botswana's fraction of the Kalahari and she was abandoned. The Hunters did not see Georgia again. She died before her first foraging trip.

Meerkat Tales: Kimberly's Courage[edit | edit source]

Georgia played the part as Kimberly's puny little sister whom she bullied for not being on her side. She was put under the supervision of her reckless older sister Sylvia and was abandoned and forgotten. Since Georgia died, she was not mentioned again in the book.

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