Genex War Lords

Genex Meerkat

War Lords and Galaxy
Yes of the Galaxy Mob
Date of Birth
December, 2010
Enforcer and Eternal
Metal Maniac, Iron Fist and Valkyrie
Astro, Sirenia, Behemoth, Leohart, Aurora Borealis, Cosmic, Electra, Zania
Known For
Founder of the Galaxy

War LordsEdit

Genex (VWLM009) was born on December 2010 in the War Lords Mob. His mother was Eternal and his father was Enforcer. His litter-mates were his sister Valkyrie (VWLF010) and his two brothers Metal Maniac (VWLM011) and Iron Fist (VWLM012). Sadly, a burrow raid kill Iron Fist and injured Metal Maniac. The three remaining pups managed to survive adulthood. After one year the three siblings are able help with the family work. Valkyrie and four sisters were evicted and was last seen. Then, Genex and Metal Maniac along with two brothers went roving. But then they later return with injured wounds meaning that they encounter enemy meerkats. After months of recovering, he and his family went foraging when they encounter the Techno mob. Both mob war dance each other when sundently from the sky several eagles attack the meerkats.

Unfortunely there no near boltholes to hide so all the meerkats were running multiple directions. Lucky for Genex he managed to find a bolthole for cover. Aslo another meerkat goes to the same bolthole but is not a War Lords member it was Vinah (VTHF012) of the Techno. Both meerkats ignored each other when both meerkats goes up to the surface then find nothing. Then they realised their family left without them.


After days of getting used to each other the two meerkats started to work together and Vinah have mated with Genex. After a month and a half Vinay gave birth to Astro (VGYM001), Sirenia (VGYF002), Behemoth (VGYM003), Leohart (VGYM004) and Aurora Borealis (VGYF005). Both adults had trouble raising the pups, but luckily all 5 pups survived.

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