&nbsp The Generals Where founded on 23 September 2010. They have a terretory North Side From Zutus South From Pirearst. East from the Whiskers mob.

When the group formed Holly takes Female Dominance And Root male Domiance. when the group formed there where 2 adult the Dominant pair and 5 pups from holly last litter in the Wild Group.

Dominant PairEdit

When the group Formed Holly and Root take Dominance in the Group. Holly died and Juliet takes over Dominance.

Members in June 2011Edit

Juliet (dominant Female)

Root (dominant male)

Foaly (Male)

artemis (male)

angeline (female)

Butler (male)

Vinjaya VGF001

Cahartez VGM002

Dublin (VGF002)

Chelsea (VGF003)

Kelp (VGM004)

Turnball (VGM004)

VGP005 (Juliet Pup)


September 2010: Group was first seen. Encounterd Pireats onces. Holly is pregnant.

October 2010: Holly still pregnant. Angeline is Pregnant. Group encounterd Pireats twice

November 2010: Holly give birth to VGP001,VGP002 and VGP003. Angeline is evicted. Foaly is roving at pirears twice

December 2010: Angeline litter Aborted. Foaly is absent at the end of the month. 3 pups still alive

Januari 2011: Foaly returend home and was absent at the end of the motnh again. Holly is pregnant together with Juliet. group encounterd Whiskers twice

Febuary 2011: Holly gave birth to VGP003 and VGP004. Juliet gave birth to VGP005. Foaly is roving and absent at the end of the month

March 2011: NO EVENTS

APRIL 2011: group not found

May 2011: Holly died. Juliet takes Dominance

June 2011: Juliet is pregnant and evicted Cahartez and Angeline. Root is bitten by a cape Cobra and Survived. Foaly is roving

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