Gato Wildkats
Yes of the Buccaneers
Date of Birth
First Seen Janaury 17, 2006
Wild Dog
Kazmo, Armada and Safari
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Buccaneers


Gato(VWKF007) was First Seen on Junuary 17, 2006 in a wild group known as the Wildkats. She was probably born within this group and was around a year old when the Wildkats were first followed. She was evicted for the first time in March 2007, however she may have been evicted a few time prior.Gato stayed away from orvers while she was in the Wildkats, so she never got pregnant or had any pups. Howeve rbeing one of the oldest females she was most likely to be evicted. In August 2008 the dominant female Vaca was pregnant and Oveja, Vibora, Gato, Lista and Colibri were evicted and left the group. The females soon came across some Starsky rovers.


The males stayed with the females and formed the Buccaneers Mob. The oldest of the males Wild Dog established dominance. Gato competed for the dominant female position along with the two oldest and biggest females, however she lost. Oveja became the dominant female, however she was overthrown by her sister Vibora, but soon reclaim dominance. Oveja died in April 2010, leaving Vibora as the dominant female. Gato managed to stay within the mob while her sister List aand Colibri disappared. Gato became the oldest subordinate female under Vibora and was unrelated to Wild Dog, making her a big threat to Vibora's dominance. Depsite the evictions, Gato always managed to get back into the mob. In February 2011, Vibora was predated by a hawk. Gato returned to the group after being evicted and within three days, she had established herself as the new dominant female beside Wild Dog. She soon got pregnant and gave birth on May 21, 2011 to Kazmo, Armada and Safari. Gato is still the dominant female of the Buccaneers today.


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Buccaneers Mob

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