Gambit(VXMM004) was first seen roving at the Quetzals on May 16, 2010. His perants were wild meerkats thought be from the Abba group. His mother was either the dominant female or a subordinate female. His father was either the dominant male or a rover from another group maybe monitored group. One of his litter-mates might have been Bing of the Underdog. Gambit is the smallest of the males. He is also the most handsomest with no scares or anything other defects. He lived in the wild group for around two years then he went roving with Cyclops(VXMM001), Wolverine(VXMM002) and Beast(VXMM003). The males roved at the Quetzals but they were chased away by the males. The four then were seen by the Kung Fu but the same thing happen. They males then headed towards the Van Helsing. They soon came across three evicted Van Helsing females. They formed the X-Men Mob. Cyclops took male dominace over the other males. Adhuil took female dominance. She gave birth to five pups in August. Gambit is still in the X-Men today.


X-Men Mob

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