The Furries was founed by a group of meerkats led by dominant female Furry. One of the most successful groups, the Furries were one of the larged mobs. Many of Furry's children became successful in becoming dominants in other groups. After the lost of long-term dominant male Harry, the Furries began to lose numbers. The group recovered from a bad year headed by Dolly.

Dominant PairEdit

The Furries was headed by dominant female Furry and her mate Harry for several years.

Current MembersEdit

The Furries have 13 members as of March 2000.

Furry (VFF001) Dominant Female

Harry (VHM002) Dominant Male

Larry (VHM003)

Parry (VHM006)

Artie (VHM007)

Fluffy (VSF002)

Puffy (VFF003)

Puffen (VFF004)

Muffle (VFF005)

Zigiba (VFM009)

Marlok (VFM010)

Lureka (VFF011)

Fursona (VFF012)

All Knonw MembersEdit

A list of meerkats born or joined the Furries.

Furry (VFF001)

Daniel (VFM002)

Puffy (VFF003)

Fuffly (VFF004)

Scruffy (VFM005)

Puffen (VFF006)

Muffle (VFF007)

Franky (VFM008)

Zigiba (VFM009)

Marlok (VFM010)

Lureka (VFF011)

Fursona (VFF012)


The Furries first rivals were the


Janaury 2000: Furry and several other meerkats were released.

February 2000: Furry was pregnant. Fluffy, Puffy and Muffy were evicted.

March 2000: Furry gave birth to Zigiba, Marlok, Lureka and Fursona. Harry from the Hermits joined the group and became the dominant male.

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May 2000:

une 2000:

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