Fritz (VRRM119)
Fritz Rascals


was born on September 31, 2008 in the Rascals Mob. His mother was Blondie and his father was Heki. He was born with two sisters named Sancerre(VRRF116) and Rioja (VRRF118) and two brothers Grigio(VRRM120) and Saignee(VRRM117). All five pups survived their first few months. However the group fall low in numbers after most of the adults disappeared and Heki died. Two wild males joined the group, Grus and Indus. Grus became the dominant male. Blondie gave birth to a litter of six pups. Shortly after that Blondie died and Islay became the dominant female but was predated a month later. Sancerre became the new dominant female beside Grus. Saignee and his brothers started to rove with older cousin Tigi and Indus. In November 2009 Indus, Saignee and Fritz left the group for group.


The males teamed up with two evicted Whiskers females and formed the Isikaras Mob. Indus and Sundance became the dominant pair. Fritz helped out with babysitting and taking sentry duties in the small mob. Fritz also started roving again along with his brother Saignee. Fritz roved some more until April 2012. The female Izzy had given birth to a litter of seven pups but her absence wasn't noticed and so Sundance led the group on a burrow move. Half way to the new burrow, Fritz noticed Izzy was missing and with Izzy three oldest children they returned to the burrow to look for her. Fritz and the other four didn't rejoin the Isikaras.

Gummy BearsEdit

They formed the Gummy Bears. Fritz was the oldest and unrelated to Izzy and so he instantly took male dominance since his brother had left earlier to form the Serpiente. Since Izzy had pups, he wasn't able to mate with her yet, sadly all but three of the pups survived. Fritz is still the dominant male today.


Mother: Blondie

Father: Heki

Sisters: Sancerre and Rioja

Brothers: Grigio and Saignee

Mate: Izzy Whiskers


Rascals Mob

Isikaras Mob

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