Frida Moomins


Yes of the Silverwing
Date of Birth
March 25, 2005
Grumpy and Burgan
Caravaggio, Kadinsky, Georgia, Rothko and Piscasso
Mikey Moomins, Sexi Plexi Moomins, Bubble Toes Moomins, Elian Moomins, McGriky Moomins, Beezelle Moomins, Lidia Teapot Moomins, Whitson Moomins, Gruddy Moomins, Shade Silverwing, Marina Silverwing, Cassiel Silverwing, Areil Silverwing
Known For
Dominant Female of the Silverwing


Frida(VMMF024) was born on March 25, 2005 in Moomins Mob. Her mother was Grumpy and her father was Burgan. Her litter-mates were Caravaggio, Georgia, Kadinsky, Rothko and Priscasso. They survived to adulthood. Frida started babysitting her mother's new pups. Burgan died on June 22, 2007 and Toft took dominance after him. Then most of the Members lelf the group in October leaving Grumpy, Little My, Hemulen, Regopstaan, Misable and Frida. Then a hoax rover named Houdini joined the group and became the dominant male. However four wilf males Leonardo, Donatello, Rafeal and Michelanglo joined the group and ousted Houdini. Leonardo became the dominant male. Frida had mated with Houdini when he was a rover before he joined the group. She gave birth on January 29, 2008 to Sexi Plexi, Mikey, Bubble Toes and Elian. Then again on November 21, 2008 to McGirky, Beezelle, Lydia Teapot, Grubby and Whitson. Grumpy gave birth to a litter of six but then she was over thrown by Hemulen. Grumpy died two months later. Hemulen then evicted Regopastaan, Misable, Frida and Sexi Plexi and the females met up with three Commando rovers in Spetember 2009.


The males stayed with the females and formed a new group called Silverwing Mob. The oldest of the Commando males Jasper established dominance without much difficulty. The eldest Moomin females including Frida competed for dominance, however older Misable won dominance. She gave birth to two pups named Goth and Trob on December23, 2009. Then Regopstaan challanged Misable and overthrew her. Misable challanged Regopstaan's dominance twice but failed to take back her position as the dominant female. Regopstaan lost her litter and was weak from competing with Misable. Frida then challanged Regopstaan and managed to overthrow her older sister. Frida became the dominant female and soon became pregnant. Frida gave birth to Shade, Marin and Orestes. Frida soon became pregnant again and gave birth to Cassiel and Ariel on October 26, 2010. She had evicted Misable who disappeared in September. Regopstaan gave birth to Boreal, Batsheba, Brutus and Betty on Janaury 26, 2011. Despite the fact Regopstaan was older than Frida, she didn't challange Frida for the dominant female position. In March Frida was pregnant and she evicted both Regopstaan and Sexi Plexi. On April 24, 2011 Frida gave birth to Griffin, Luna and VSKF014. Sadly a few months later VSWF014 was predated in June. On August 19, 2010 Sexi Plexi gave birth to Icaron, Basta, Sol and Nova. Frida became pregnant and evicted Regopstaan and Sexi Plexi who disappeared in September. With her closest rivals gone Frida's dominance remain unchallanged. She gave birth to  VSWM019, Dusk and Sylph on October 18, 2010. VSWM019 was predated in Janaury 2012. Frida gave birth to VSWP022, VSWP023, VSWP024 and VSWP025 on March 23, 2012. Frida and Jasper are still the dominant pair of the Silverwing today.


Moomins Mob

Silverwing Mob

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