Frank Pound Puppies


Yes of the Fritters
Date of Birth
April 24, 2005
Eriole and Zodus
Carlos, Marilyn and Woopie
Tiny, Lokus, Fella and Hams etc...etc...
Known For
First dominant male of the Fritters

Pound PuppiesEdit

Frank(VPPM018) was born on April 24, 2005 in the Pound Puppies Mob. His mother was Eriole and his father was Zodus. His silbign were Carlos, Woopie and Marilyn. He stayed in the Pound Puppies for three years. His mother died and his older sister Dizzy took female dominance. Frank started to rove with the other males. His older brother left the group along with his father and joined the Hyena. Frank's older brother Duke became the dominant male but he soon left the group and joined another. They a group of Gattaca males joined the group and kicked out Frank, Houdini, Squeak and Carlos. The males took to roving and joined some evicted Zappa females.


They stayed together and formed the Fritters. Frank took male dominance despite Squeak being older. One of the Zappa females named Lola took the position of dominant female and became Frank's mate. She lost her ifrst litter but she later gave birth to Tiny, Hams, Fella and Lokus on May 16, 2008. On September 18, 2008 Lola gave birth to three pups. Lola and Frank are still the dominant couple.


Mother: Eriole

Father: Zodus

Brother: Carlos

Sisters: Woopie and Marilyn

First litter born on May 16, 2008 mothered by Lola

Tiny, Fella, Hams and Lokus

Second litter born on September 18, 2008 mothered by Lola

VFTP008, VFTP009 and VFTP010


Pound Puppies Mob

Fritters Mob

Lola Zappa

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