Flower's Meerkat Tale is a fiction movie about Flower's life. Flower is given a mission to help find a new leader for her family after her mother's death.Flower's family is ruled by Villa, Flower's older and more violent sister. Then Flower meets Zahpod and Max who could help Flower and break Villa's strick rule. But Villa has another plan and violently evicts Flower and makes her face life alone. But Flower has the courage to stand up agasint her violent sister with the help of Flower's new friends. Then Villa dies and Flower becomes thier new leader. Flower is shown protecting her family from a snake and then wins battles.Flower then learns a lesson about life in the harsh desert. CHARACTERS: Flower: the main character who is sweet and brave and is her family's only hope.She becomes thier leader. Zahpod: Flower's loyal brave friend and then becomes her mate. Villa:Flower's older and more violent sister.She almost made her family extict. Max: Zahpod's playful brother who tries to mate with Villa. Risca: Flower's sweet caring cousin who gets evicted. Thumper: One of Flower's older brother who likes to act wise. Petal: Flower's sister who only made it to a teenager. Holly: Flower's sweet mother.

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