Flame was born probably in the a wild mob. He was born as a single pup, and his parnet's were not named. Flame began to rove at two years old. Anthor wild male came with him and they found four wild females and teamed up with them and form the Flame Mob named after Flame. Flame and the male competed for the dominant male postion. Flame won and he mated with Cookie. Flame was a little stronger than every one else and would help Cookie evict.Then in 2008,there was a huge groupe split and Flame and Cookie lead the smaller half. But while on a lookout, Flame saw the other mob and brought then back together. Flame became a father on June 2, 2008 when Cookie gave birth to two pups. Flame then kept being acttaked by the other males who wanted to be dominant male of the group. Flame would usually won, but then Brock over threw him and became dominant male. He was only held his status for two months when he was over threw by Flame. Flame is still the domcaite male and was for four years.


Flames Mob

Cookie Flames