Fenodree(VGGF009) was born in the Gattaca group on August 25, 2002. Her mother was Risca and her father was Stinker the new dominant male. Her litter-mates were her three brothers VGGM006, VGGM007 and VGGM008. They survived their first few weeks. However all of her brothers died or disappeared on September 22, 2002. They probably were killed by a rival mob. She was the onlyone who survived. She grew up as a sdubornate female under her mother. Her father lost dominance to his son Izit who took over as dominant male. Risca however mated with a rover named Mojadji from the Balrog and gave birth to Gringo and Pancho on November 14, 2002. She later gave birth to Zorilla, Charlie, Kleintjie and The Wee Man Aidan on November 23, 2003. Risca then gave birth to Mary Pat, Mrs. Doyle, Father Tedand Jackie Chan on February 10, 2004. Then in late 2004 Risca evicted Fenodree, Gringo, Zorilla, Kleintjie, Mary Pat and Mrs. Doyle from the group. The females stayed together and soon were joined by a group of Young Ones males. They formed a new group called the Commandos.


Aragorn was the oldest male so he took up dominance. Fenodree and Gringo were the oldest females in the group. However Zorilla and Kleintjie also fougth ofr dominance. Zorilla won though she was a year younger then her. Gringo soon after rejoined the Gattaca. It is unknown if Fenodree rejoined the Gattaca too. She never over threw her sister Zorilla. She returned to the Gattaca with Gringo.


After Risca died Fenodree was the oldest female so she became the new dominant female. Soon five Whiskers males joined the group. Big Will took male dominance. Sadly, Fenodree died.

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