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Bloom and Sky
Leprechaun and Trolly
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First Dominant Female of the Elves


Fairy(XWF008) was born in a mob called the Winx on March 23, 2000. Her mother was Bloom and her father was Sky. Her litter mate was Leprechaun(XWM009) and Trolly(XWM011). They survived to adulthood. In 2001 her mother was predated and her aunt Layla took dominance but she was over thrown by her other aunt Stella. She babysat her aunts' pups. She was later evicted in late 2002 with her sisters Sprite and Gibbon. They soon joined three Pegasus males to form the Elves.


Fairy was the oldest female so she took female dominance and Elf the oldest male took male dominance. On Jaunrauy 23, 2003 Fairy gave birth to Scarlet, Taboo and Bomber Man. They were her first litter ever. The on April 15, 2003 she gave birth to Echo and Warlock. On August 17, 2003 she gave birth to Thunderbird, Firebird and Songbird. Then again on November 16, 2003 she gave birth to Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Thumbelina and Cornelius. Her sisters Sprite and Gibbon lost or aborted their litters. On March 12, 2004 she gave birth to Cosmo, Digger and Frigget. One June 17, 2004 Sprite gave birth to Pepsi, Coco Cola, Dr. Pepper, Seven Up and Sierra Mist. Fairy started to evict her two sisters and eldest daughters. Gibbon gave birth to Monkey, Gorilla and Chimp on January 13, 2005. In Febuary 2005 her sons Warlock and Thunderbird went roving. In March Echo and Cosmo became seperated after an encounter with the Shinzo mob. They teamed up with Warlock and Thunderbird on their way back. they formed the Hobbits Mob. She gave birth in June 2005 to four pups. She evicted Sprite, Gibbon and Scarlet. Her daughter returned but not her sisters. In July 2005 Bomber Man, Firebird, Peter Pan and Digger went roving. In October 2005 she evicted her daughters Taboo, Scarlet, Songbird and Tinker Bell who formed the formed Voodoo. In November 2005 Fairy gave birth to three pups. They produced many litters in their so far four year riegn. She and Elf are still the dominant pair today.


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