Eskimoe was the longterm dominant female, matriarch and leader of the Vikings mob. She was born in the Wolfhounds mob in 8th December 2000.Her mother was Chirqui, the dominant female of the Wolfhounds mob. She was evicted with some of her sisters  and met up with Tazarians males to form the Vikings mob. Eskimoe took dominant female with a Tazarians male Tom Shakespeare as dominant male and her partner. Eskimoe led the Vikings for a longtime. As dominant female, she reserved all breeding rights exclusively for herself and often evicted her daughters who conceived litters or killed their pups, that way she ensured her litter get the very best start in life without competition with other subordinate litters, although she accepted one litter from her daughter Yeda. Eskimoe produced many offspring expanding her mob to being the largest in the area. She was mum to 48 before , in 2007, when nearly seven years old, she sadly died from being bitten by a Puff Adder snake. Her daughter Rocksteady became dominant female after her.

Eskimoe Wolfhounds
Known to be: The Dminant Female of the Vikings mob
Mob born in: Wolfhounds mob
Age when became dominant: Three years old
Partner: Tom Shakespeare Tazarians
When died: Nearly seven years old, in 2007
Death cause: Puff Adder snake bite
Children: Lady Bird Vikings, Rocksteady Vikings, Beetle Vikings, Askadan Vikings, Scarymary Vikings, Dutchess Vikings, Aladin Vikings, Kugar Vikings, Jaguar Vikings, Miss Mist The Furry Vikings, Kukabell Vikings, Echo Vikings, Riftat Vikings, Ratatat Vikings, Yeda Vikings,Duke Vikings, Crochet Vikings, Crackle Vikings, Feistflim Vikings, Unicorn Vikings.........etc....etc.......etc.
Successor: Her daughter Rocksteady Vikings
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