Eries Escaflowne


Only of the Splinter
Date of Birth
First Seen February 10, 2000
Millerna and Jajuka
Known For
Mother of Mira and Spectra


Eries(VEFF008) was first seen on Febuary 10, 2000 in a group called Escaflowne. She looked to be two year old and one was of the oldest females in the group. Her litter-mates was thought to be a female named Millerna(VEFF006) and male named Jajuka(VEFM007) was thought to be her litter-mate brother. Eries wasn't the dominant female. She was a suborniate to a female named Hitomi(VEFF002) who looked to be around four years of age and may have been her mother. The group was small only consisting of ten meerkats. One of the females gave birth but one pup emgered though more were hear underground they never emgered after a burrow raid by a wild group. The one surviving pup survived. After the group was in existance for three months and some of the members got named, three wild males joined the group. Van(VEFM012) took male dominance over the two other wild males Folken(VEFM013) and Allen(VEFM014). Hitomi soon gave birth on August 15, 2000 to three pups. Hitomi gave birth to thwo more litters. In August of 2001 she evctied five females who were all the oldest in the group. Eries was evicted with Millerna, Merle, Naria(VEFF09) and Eriya(VEFF010) but only the younger females Naria and Eriya got back into the group. The other evicted females hung around the group for a few days then they soon joined two wild males. The five meerkats stayed together and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Vexos. Her sisters Millerna and Merle fought for dominance. Eries was the smallest female and lost easily to her sisters. Finally Millerna won though she looked at least one year younger then Merla. Millerna was bigger then Merle. The two males didn't fight. Zenoheld(VVXM001) won dominance over Professor Clay(VVXM002) without a fight. Millerna gave birth to Mylene(VVXF003), Hydron(VVXM004), Volt(VVXM005) and Shadow(VVXM006) on October 16, 2001. In February 2002 the group splint; Eries, Professor Clay, Hydron and Shadow split from the main group. They disappeared for a month then reappeared with Eries pregnant. Then small group rejoined the Vexos. Eries and Professor Clay couldn't win dominance. On April 22, 2002 Eries gave birth to Spectra(VVXM007) and Mira(VVXF008).They were dicovered to be fathered by Professor Clay after a DNA test. Merle gave birth on July 2, 2002 to Gus(VVXM009) and Lync(VVXM010). Eries remained in the group till August 10, 2002 when she died for a snake bite defenedinf Gus and Lync. Professor Clay went roving a few days after she died. Professor Clay later left with Hydron, Shadow and Lync and joined four Xerus females to form the Kalabari where he became the dominant male. Eries daughter Mira is now the dominant female of the Bakugan. Her son Spectra is still in the Vexos and goes roving with Gus.


Mother: Maybe Hitomi

Father: Unknown

Sister: Millerna

Brother: Jajuka

Mate: Professor Clay

Daughter: Mira

Son: Spectra


Escaflowne Mob

Vexos Mob

Mira Vexos

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