Endor Zappa


Yes of the Kappa
Date of Birth
February 24, 2006
Ermintrude and unknown
Monster Munch, Aurora, Scallywag and Shadowflax
Known For
Third Dominant Male of the Kappa


Endor(VZZM053) was born on February 24, 2006 into the Zappa Mob. His mother was Ermintrude and his father was an unknown, rover quite possibably a wild male. His litter-mates were Naboo(VZZM051) and Tatooine(VZZF052). Before he was born his mother already had a litter on the December 4, 2005. His older siblings were Monster Munch(VZZM047), Aurora(VZZF048), Scallywag(VZZM049) and Shadowflax (VZZM050).Endor and his litter-mates and older litter-mates survived to adulthood. His mother Ermintrude sadly died on March 30, 2006. After the death of dominant female Bettik, her grandaughter Lola won female dominance. She later lost her dominance to Punk who took over as dominant female. Endor went roving with Kamakazi.


They joined the Kappa Mob. Scallywag, Shadowflax, Naboo and Dirty Harry had alreay joined the group and Scallwag was the dominant male but as soon as the two males joined Shadowflax over threw him. Endor was seen mating with dominant female Bananas. Shadowflax became the dominant male but Bananas was already pregant with Endor's pups. On April 16, 2009 Bananas gave birth to Wildberry, Blackberry, Mulberry, Huckleberry, Strawberry, Rassberry and Blueberry. Seven pups in total!On June 17, 2009 Scallwag was Last Seen. Tofu gave birth to two pups in August of 2009. On Septmber 19, 2009 Shadowflax was predate dand Endor assumed male dominant in his place. Bananas was pregnant with Shadowflaw's litter and gave birth on November 27, 2009 to VKPF017, VKPF018 and VKPM019. The Kappa had a few encounters with Iguana and the Pikmin. Then the Ragnarok formed on Kappa territory who's dominant female is Finn, Bananas' sister who helped her tak care of Ren and Stumpy. Then the Voyager Mob formed near the Kappa and became their new rivals. In June 2010 Bananas gave birth to VKPP020, VKPP021, VKPP022, VKPP023 and VKPP024. Naboo, Dirty Harry and Kamakazi left the group leaving Endor as the only unrelated male in the group. Bananas and Endor asre still the dominant pair fo the Kappa today.


Mother: Ermintrude

Sister: Aurora Brothers: Monster Munch, Scallywag and Shadowflax

Mate: Bananas


First litter born on April 16, 2009 mothered by Bananas

Wildberry (VKPF008)

Blackberry (VKPM009)

Mulberry (VKPM010)

Huckleberry (VKPF011)

Strawberry (VKPF012)

Raspberry (VKPM013)

Blueberry (VKPF014)

Second litter born on June 2010 mothered by Bananas