Emma Van Helsing


Yes of Van Helsing
Date of Birth
November 22, 2008
Flo and Titan
Cecil and Pepper
Elva, Even and Edwardo
Known For
New Dominant Female of the Van Helsing

Emma(VVHF015) was born on Noverber 22, 2008 in the Van Helsing Mob. Her mother was Flo and her father was Titan. Her litter-mates were Cecil(VVHM016) and Pepper(VVHM017). Flo was the dominant female but then Billy stole her thrown and her mate and Emma's father. Flo formed the Quetzals Mob. Billy then lef tmany attacks on bigger mobs. Kapau Kakoo and Buzz were killed.She left attacks on the much bigger Baobab and Titan was bably injured and all most died. Hoki-Tu, Mr.Jacky, Cecil, Mrueger and Mansonleft the group badly beatten by the fighting. Then they lost more members when Billy evicted Adhiul, Pepper and Dominque. They got away from the Van Helsing by formed the X-Men with wild males. Then the Van helsing luck changed. Billy was predated by a jackel. Emma was the oldest female in the group. She took dominance. Titan left the group to find a new mate. Then a Rascal male named Grigio joined the group and took dominance. Her bother Cecil helped form the Cheetah mob and her sister Pepper helpd form the X-Men mob. Emma gave birth to Elva, Even and Edwardo on July 16, 2010. Emma doing a better job at leadign the Van Helsing, her mother and father's mob.


Mother: Flo

Father: Titan

Sister: Pepper

Brother: Cecil

Mate: Grigio

Children: Elva, Even and Edwardo


Van Helsing Mob

Flo Whiskers