Meerkat Tales, Ella's Triumphs is the second book in the Meerkat Tales series. It is the first book in the

Ella's Triumphs
Release Date
July 1, 2011
Thought up
late 2009, throughout 2010
Keeper Smith (KeeperS or RussleH)
Book in Series
Book 2
Items of Interest
The First novel in the Whiskers legends collection
collection of the Whiskers Legends and is also the first book based on a real meerkat.


After the sad death of Rocket Dog, Ella has fought her way to the top of the Whiskers gang and has earned the right to be their new dominate female. However, loyal little Sophie may have not only a trick up her sleeve but has a hint of good luck along with her. Not only the oldest female in the Whiskers, Ella is the daughter of legendary group leader Flower. But things at the top aren't all they're cracked up to be and Ella is going to have to work hard to restore the WHiskers to their former glory and to earn them the title as the manor's regal family again. But to what extent will she go to serve her family and secure her position as queen Ella?

The Main CharactersEdit

Ella- the star. She is evicted a couple of times and is a major pain for Rocket Dog. She becomest he Whiskers dominate female after Rocket Dogs death.

Rocket Dog-Ella's jealous sister who commonly attacks and evicts her.

Flower-Ella's unforgiving mother. She is killed right before Ella has her first litter of pups.

Zaphod-Ella's father who remains in the Whiskers until he and some of his sons leave and form the Incas mob. Ella doesn't see him again except in group encounters.

Thundercat-Ella's mate who becomes the Whiskers dominate male.

Specials InsideEdit

Collectible Charactor Card-Ella Whiskers

Collectible Animal Card-Red Panda

Photo Tribute at the end

Meerkat Tales manga short #2: Save the Pups! (Ella saves the Whiskers pups when they must make a daring burrow move)

Info text box-with all of Ella's pups and accomplishments

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