Elizabeth(VCRF018) was born on May 25, 2003 in the Cerulean Mob. Her mother was Calico and her father was Doc. Her litter-mates were her sister VCRM019, and two brothers Kanti(VCRM020) and Alain(VCRM021). Sadly VCRM019 was assumed predated on October 23, 2003. Calico gave birth to another litter on December 27, 2003 to Abel, Gregorie and Phynn. Elizabeth and her two brothers were no longer the pups od the gruop anymore but the survived were old enough to take care of themselves. The three survived to adulthood. Elizabeth's sister Laura mated with a rover and gave birth to four pups on March 18, 2004. Elizabeth became an aunt and she wasn't even a year old yet. Her mother gave birth to five pups on April 16, 2004. Sadly one pups from each litter was lost. Elizabeth was old enough to babysit and help keep watch for danger. Elizabeth is still in the Cerulean today.


Mther: Calicp\o

Father: Doc

Sister: VCRF019

Brothers: Alain and Kanti


Cerulean Mob

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