Eliot Kung Fu


Yes of the Gremlins
Date of Birth
January 28, 2008
Benzedrine and Clinton Baptiste
McDreamy, Bauer, Woolf, VKUP003 and VKUP007
VGRP012, VGRP013, VGRP014 and VGRP015
Known For
Dominant Male of the Gremlins

Kung FuEdit

Eliot(VKUM004) was born on January 28, 2008 in the Kung Fu. Her mother was Benzedrine and her father was Clinton Baptiste. His litter-mates were Her litter-mates were VKUP003, McDreamy, Bauer, Woolf and VKUP007. Both VKUP003 and VKUP007 that died soon after the birth. Eliot and her remaing litter mates survived to adulthood. Benzedrine was evicted by Kleintjie some time later and she teamed up with Finn, a Whiskers female who lost dominance in the Toyota, and formed the Sequoia. In late January Eliot and Woolf left the group to rove and joined the Gremilins Mob in Febaury.


Both Eliot and Woolf were the some age but Eliot was the bigger of the two. Woolf didn't fight him for dominance so Eloit took the position of dominant male. Gretta was the dominant female. The group was small with only three adult males and one young teeage male anf three pups. Gretta gave birth in May 2010 to Eliot's first litter. The pups were VGRP012, VGRP013, VGRP014 and VGRP015. Eliot and Gretta are still the dominant pair of the Gremilins today.


Mother: Benzedrine

Father: Clinton Baptiste

Litter-Mates: McDreamy, Bauer, Woolf, VKUP003 and VKUP007

Mate: Gretta

Children: VGRP012, VGRP013, VGRP014 and VGRP015


Kung Fu Mob

Gremlins Mob

Gretta Gremlins

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