Elf Pegasus

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Yes of the Elves
Date of Birth
June 21, 2001
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Elves
Also Known for
Ousting Sonic from the Dominant Position

Pegasus[edit | edit source]

Elf(XPM009) was born in a group known as the Pegasus on June 21, 2001. His mother and father were the dominant pair of the Pegasus. His litter-mates were his sisters Dwarf and Goblin. They survived to adulthood. He went roving in 2002 with Sonic and Hamster for the first time. They soon came across three evicted Winx females. They stayed with the females and form a new group called the Elves named after himself.

Elves[edit | edit source]

Elf was the biggest of the males but not the oldest. He won male doninance over Sonic and Hamster. Fairy took up female dominance and became Elf's mate. Fairy started to produce litter after litter all fathered by Elf. On Jaunrauy 23, 2003 Fairy gave birth to Scarlet, Taboo and Bomber Man. They were his first litter ever. The on April 15, 2003 Fairy gave birth to Echo and Warlock. On August 17, 2003 she gave birth to Thunderbird, Firebird and Songbird. Then again on November 16, 2003 she gave birth to Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Thumbelina and Cornelius. Their numbers were up to 18. On March 12, 2004 she gave birth to Cosmo, Digger and Frigget. One June 17, 2004 Sprite gave birth to Pepsi, Coco Cola, Dr. Pepper, Seven Up and Sierra Mist. Fairy started to evict her two sisters and eldest daughters. Gibbon gave birth to Monkey, Gorilla and Chimp on January 13, 2005. In Febuary 2005 his sons Warlock and Thunderbird went roving. In March Echo and Cosmo became seperated after an encounter with the Shinzo mob. They teamed up with Warlock and Thunderbird on their way back. they formed the Hobbits Mob. She gave birth in June 2005 to four pups. She evicted Sprite, Gibbon and Scarlet. Her daughter returned but not her sisters. In July 2005 Bomber Man, Firebird, Peter Pan and Digger went roving. In October 2005 she evicted her daughters Taboo, Scarlet, Songbird and Tinker Bell who formed the formed Voodoo. In November 2005 Fairy gave birth to three pups. So far they only lost one pups. Most of the members are their children. His son Warlock Thunderbird and Cosmo formed the Wizards. Elf and Fairy are still producing many litters in their so far four year reign. She and Elf are still the dominant pair today.

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