Efrafa Mob

Efrafa Mob

Date of Forming
September 22, 2002
Mandella, Jacaranda, Niko, Eddie and Leo
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Efrafa gang was founded by two Balrog females who joined up with Young Ones males. The Balrog females had be kicked out of their group by Vivian females that joined the Balrog.

Dominant PairEdit

When the group came into existance Mandella the oldest of the two females took the roll of dominant female. Niko asssumed the positiojn of dominant male.

Current MembersEdit

The Efrafa have 20 members as of February 2004.

Mandella (VBF013) Dominant Female

Niko (VYM063) Dominant Male

Jacaranda (VBF027)

Eddi (VYM092)

Leo (VYM094)

Big Wig (VEAM001)

Primrose (VEAF002)

Blackberry (VEAM003)

Hazel (VEAM004)

Fiver (VEAM005)

Clover (VEAF006)

Campion (VEAP007)

Hawkbit (VEAM008)

Silverweed (VEAF009)

Dandilion (VEAF010)

Speedwell (VEAM011)

All Known MembersEdit

Mandella (VBF013)
Niko Young Ones

Niko as the dominant male

Niko (VYM063)

Jacaranda (VBF027)

Eddi (VYM092)

Leo (VYM094)

Hazel (VEAM001)

Primrose (VEAF002)

Fiver (VEAM003)

Big Wig (VEAM004)

Blackberry (VEAM005)

Clover (VEAF006)

Campion (VEAM007)

Hawkbit (VEAM008)

Silverweed (VEAF009)

Dandilion (VEAF010)

Speedwell (VEAM011)

Vervain (VEAM012)

General Woundwort (VEAM013)

Cowslip (VEAM014)

Silverweed (VEAF015)


The Efrafa's main rivals are the Invaders Mob.


September 2002: Mandella and Jacaranda teamed up with Niko, Eddie and Leo. Mandella and Niko took the dominant positions.

October 2002: Mandella was pregnant.

December 2002: Mandella gave birth to Hazel, Primrose and Fiver

January 2003: One encounter with Invaders.

February 2003: Two encounters with Invaders.

March 2003: Mandella was pregnant.

April 2003: Mandella gave birth to Big Wig, Blackberry and Clover.

May 2003: One encounter with Invader's spliter group.

June 2003: Eddie went roving.Jacarandra was pregnant.

July 2003: Jacarandra gave birth to Hawkbit, Silverweed, Dandilion and Speedwell.

August 2003: Eddie went roving three times.

September 2003: Mandella was pregnant. Jacarnadra was evicted. Two encounters with Invaders.

October 2003: Mandella gave birth to Vervain, General Woundwort, Cowslip and Silverweed.

November 2003: One encounter with Invaders.

December 2003: Eddie and Leo went roving.

Janaury 2004: Mandella was pregnant. Jacarnadra and Primrose were evicted.

February 2004: Mandella aborted her litter.

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