Spider was born early in 1997. She had 3 littermates, named Fudgecake, Popcorn and Earwig. All 3 disappeared before turning a year old. Spider's mother was an evicted female named River. Spider was abandoned by her mother in 2000 when River was chased by a Jackal. River was never seen again. Spider lived alone for a while before 2 roving males from Lazuli discovered her. Google and Govinda both mated with her and formed the Tazarians. 3 months later, Spider gave birth to her first litter of the year - Rowan, Fry and Gordo. Gordo and Fry went roving in 2001 and havent been seen since, While Rowan helped nurse her mothers pups. Spider died of old age in 2003, at an age of 6.

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