Ed Harcourt(VTYM021) was born on February 15, 2009 in the Toyota Mob. His mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and his father was Greegan who were the dominant couple at the time. Ed Harcourt was born with two litter-mates sisters named Mrs Ball(VTYF020) and Cap'n(VTYF019). The Toyota were a small young group with few adults, however despite the odds, the group managed to bring the pups through. At a year of age, Miss Lilly the Pink gave birth to a new litter of five pups, Ed Harcourt was expected to help out more around the group. Soon after Ed Harcourt started to rove more frequently. His sisters Cap'n and Mrs Ball were evicted and left the group. Sadly in December 2010 Greegan died and Paymister became the dominant male. Ed Harcourt stayed in the group a little longer and left the group to go roving in Janaury 2010 along with his younger brothers Malarky and Otmar deBunwich.


The three Toyota males made their way into the Moomins Mob. None of the current males had bothered to take dominance, allowing the Toyota males to simply walk into the group. Being the oldest Ed Harcourt aserted his dominance over the other males and became mates with the current dominant female Eureka. His two brothers and the Moomins males did not challange his dominance. Soon Eureka started to produce litters bringing up the Moomins' numbers.


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