The Earthings Mob was formed in 2007 by 6 wild females who teamed up with 4wild rovers.They are one of the first mobs at the SSP.Jade became the first dominant female along with Brady who became the first dominant male and her mate.Jade and Brady were the dominant pair for two years until Brady died from TB after chasing off a rover.After he died, the only unrelated males left were Ben,Cooper and Beast Boy but Ben won the position of dominant male,being the oldest male.Ben and Jade became the new dominant pair and are still the dominant pair today.

Dominant PairEdit

When the group first formed the dominant female became Jade.The dominant male was Brady but he died in late 2009 and male dominance was taken by Ben.The group is still lead by Jade and Ben today.

Current MembersEdit

Jade (VETF001) Dominant Female

Ben (VETM005) Dominant Male


Starfire (VETF003)

Robin (VETF004)

Kim (VETF006)

Dawn (VETF007)

Martin (VETF008)

Jack (VETM009)

Blackfire (VETF010)

Young (VETF011)

Alice (VETF012)

Keep (VETM013)

Echo Echo (VETM014)

Heatbat (VETM015)

Smurfette (VETF016)

Hefty (VETM017)

Handy (VETM018)

Chad (VETM019)

Dora (VETF020)

Youssarian (VETM021)

Darner (VETM022)

Maya (VETF023)