The Earth mob was founded in late 1996, by a Avatar female Mars, four Phantom females Soul, Philly, Flyer and Loop, one wild females Wildflower and two Taurus males.


Dominaces were quickly taken by Mars and Buffalo. Mars kept all of the females in places and had two successful litters of pups. But Mars and Buffalo disappears(Both bodies were found dead later on), after that the group group couldn't produce a successful litter of pups and many meerkats were predated.

History Edit

  • December 1996:Earth group formed
  • January 1996:All females are pregnant, and are attack by dominant female Mars
  • February 1997:All females abort, Mars gives birth to Doggy(VEM002), Tigger(VEF003) and Football(VEM004)
  • April 1997:Mars is pregnant
  • May 1997:Mars gives birtht to Smarch(VEF005), Larch(VEM006), Deer(VEM007) and White-tail(VEF008)
  • July 1997:Mars and Buffalo disappears, Bison takes dominance, the females fight
  • August 1997:Flyer wins dominances, Loop is last seen wounded after a bloody fight with Flyer
  • September 1997:Wildflower and Soul are pregnant
  • October 1997:Wildflower and Soul gives birth but litters are killed, Philly defeats Flyer and evicts her, Flyer is last seen
  • November 1997:Philly is pregnant
  • December 1997:Philly gives birth, on the same day Philly is predated and her litter is killed by Wildflower, Soul takes dominances
  • January 1998:The group splits Bison, Doggy, Football, Larch and Deer leave to rove and are last seen, Soul, Tigger and White-Tail team up with a Quantum male and form Waves. Wildflower and Smarch team up with a wild male and form Red Heads.

Current MembersEdit

  • Soul
  • WildFlower(VEF001)
  • Tigger(VEF003)
  • Smarch(VEF005)
  • White-tail(VEF008)

All Known MembersEdit

  • Mars(VAF002)
  • Soul
  • Philly
  • Flyer
  • Loop
  • WildFlower(VEF001)
  • Buffalo(VTM001)
  • Bison(VTM004)
  • Doggy(VEM002)
  • Tigger(VEF003)
  • Football(VEM004)
  • Smarch(VEF005)
  • Larch(VEM006)
  • Deer(VEM007)
  • White-tail(VEF008)
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